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Zearn Math and ACA

Zearn Math and ACA

Let's talk about Math! Math often times, can be considered a frustrating activity for students and parents - but it doesn't have to be! ACA has adopted the Zearn Math curriculum; which combines digital and in person learning. Students are broken into 2 groups and half of the students are learning the digital lesson while the other half are being given direct instruction by their teacher. Then, halfway through the period the 2 groups flip. This allows students to interact with the material in a variety of ways - discussion based and with feedback from their teacher, sometimes using manipulatives, and ultimately in a digital setting with immediate feedback.

One of the things that makes Zearn so neat is that it differentiates for students. Some students need more support than others, and that can happen in a variety of ways. If a student in struggling in a current lesson, the digital lesson will give them direct step by step instructions. IF a student struggles with an overall concept, Zearn has a guide which will allow the teacher to drop the student back to other grades to get the foundational skills built up.

As a parent, you have constant access to your child's Zearn - you can log in through Clever and see their progress. Even better, if your child is stuck, you can watch parts of the lesson to help them and even learn the math yourself! We love that this empowers parents and students alike. Math is fun and with Zearn it doesn't have to be a headache!


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