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Integrated Academy of Studies
for 5th-8th Grades

Our premier program for 5th-8th graders developed by our visionary administration team to empower students to discover, develop and deepen their passion and interests.

ACA’s core classes of English Language Arts, Math, Writing, Science and Social Studies prepare students with rigorous coursework deepening their creative and critical thinking skills.

In addition, students participate in hands on, engaging and real life elective course work in the areas of:

  • Civics

  • Business

  • Fine Arts

  • STEM.

When students leave ACA’s Integrated Academy of Studies they are fully ready for high school and are prepared to be responsible, productive and global citizens.

High Expectations and School Culture

ACA has a schoolwide culture and high expectations for behavior and academics

  • Each students is in uniform or Dress for Success on a daily basis

  • Each student actively participates in class discussions and class work

  • ACA is a cellphone free campus

  • Behavior and discipline at ACA is approached with a Responsibility Centered model

  • Students are encouraged to participate in clubs, sports and student leadership opportunities

  • Our school culture and school pride are built through quarterly team building activities, field trips, monthly assemblies, dances and celebrating academic growth and success.


Some of the electives offered in the Integrated Academy of Studies...

  • Web Design

  • Sports

  • Health

  • Painting

  • Beginning Sculpture

  • BizTown

  • Beginning Business

  • Coding

  • Robotics

  • And more!

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