Hear what it is like to be a part of the team at ACA from a few of our teachers...

Rachael Crossman Teacher

Rachael Crossman

Middle School Music Teacher

Music Director

"I have been at ACA for four years and plan to stay forever. Coming in to this school was like being accepted into a family.  It is such an honor working in an environment where I feel like my opinions are valued and respected. I feel supported, always in the loop, and feel like I am the best teacher I can be." Rachael Crossman"

Nazli Moore Teacher Picture

Nazli Moore

1st Grade Teacher

“There are many reasons why I love working at Arizona Charter Academy, not only do  admin care about our students , they care about us teachers. Which is why I love coming to work! They are in your corner and your advocate and to me, that is important.  You need your admin to support you as a teacher, help you when in need, and that is what I get from my admin!  I know I can go to anyone of them with a concern and they will help me through it all, without judgement.  ACA is truly a family. It is my home away from home, we take care of eachother. My 1st grade team is truly a team and and we are there for one another any time of day.  I can't forget my kids, they are always the best and teach me so much, sometimes I feel more than I teach them!  I have had parents thank me for loving their kids and I just tell them, I love them as I do my own. The students are what make ACA amazing"

Christopher Bertram

Middle School Writing Teacher

Electives Teacher

Sports Coach

I started at ACA as a first year teacher and I could not be more grateful for that opportunity.  The immediate hands-on experience, professional development, and administrative support was extraordinary.  From day one, I was prepared and confident and I owe it all to the first rate training and professional development provided by administrators and PLC leaders.  ACA students, families, and staff are truly one solid team that works together year-round.  This is the first place I have ever worked where I sincerely look forward to the actual work and the people I work with.  The job is never stagnate or dull because everyone is encouraged to think critically and innovate and offer feedback with the shared goal of constant improvement."

Christopher Bertram picture
Monica Hansford picture

Monica Hansford

Kindergarten Teacher

"Being from a big city I’ve always wanted to work with inner city students of diverse backgrounds. ACA provides me the opportunity to not only work with a diverse group of students; it allows me to be a part of a culture that defies odds and set a higher standard of education. We’re a team here and as a team we take on challenges together. If help is needed; administration’s doors are always open and welcoming. I couldn’t have picked a better school to work for."