ACA's K-4 Art Program is focused on encouraging creativity, developing problems solving skills and building artistic confidence. Our students are talented, enthusiastic and extremely creative. We work with a variety of materials including colored pencils, graphite, watercolor, acrylic paint and mixed media. Projects are centered around specific themes, skills or periods in art history. Projects increase in difficulty as students move up in grade level, and as always, students are encouraged to think outside the box and put their own unique personalities into their work!



Recently, Arizona Charter Academy launched a new music program for the elementary and middle school students. Rachael Crossman, Music Director at ACA, began the new program this fall with music for every second, third and fourth grader! It is the goal to implement music into the reaming 1st and 4th grades in the next 2 years, as well as expanding the instrumental side up into middle school.


"A a music educator, it is my goal to develop and cultivate appreciation and passion for music in all forms. As a singer and musician, I am very excited about the content and have loved getting the students excited about making their own music." -Rachael Crossman


Students in second grade have been learning to sing and play rhythms while third grade has begun learning to read music, sing rounds and perform 2 part music on the risers. The fourth graders have also been learning to read music and understand music theory as well as play musical instruments. Each of them have their own recorder, a small flute-like instrument, and have been working hard to earn "belts" in Recorder Karate by learning and performing songs on their own in front of the whole class!



Health and Wellness is an important component of a child’s well rounded education experience. It’s a time for kids to have fun, let out their energy, participate in physical fitness that is fun and it’s also a very important brain break. Not only do we focus on physical fitness but our health and wellness teachers focus on character building, bully prevention, and how to deal with conflict.