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ACA is A-Rated for the 5th Year in a Row!

ACA is A-Rated for the 5th Year in a Row graphic

ACA is excited to announce we are an “A” rated school for the fifth year in a row! This is an AMAZING accomplishment and testament to excellence in our students, parents, staff, and community members.

Continuing to be an “A” rated school for 5 straight years exemplifies the dedication of the staff and the hard work of the students. With ACA’s current curriculum, instructional strategies, ongoing professional development for staff, and all stakeholders commitment to excellence we believe students will have the necessary skills and strategies to be college and career ready. ACA is focused and dedicated to providing excellence for all students in academics and instruction.

You can find detailed information about our scores and the scores of all Arizona Public and Charter schools HERE. And HERE is a copy of the letter that went home to all ACA parents.

Here are a few exciting highlights about our students performance:

-3rd-8th grades Math beat the state average in almost all areas

-English Language Arts made gains in almost every grade level and was either tied or beat the state average

-All of grades 3rd-8th ACA had less students in "minimally proficient" category as compared to the state average.

-In both Math and Reading we had more students in High Growth category than the state.

Now, we are ready to provide continued guidance to both staff and students to improve the results every year as we have in the past – there is always room to get better! There is no doubt ACA will continue to defy odds!!

At ACA, we are always moving forward but we wanted to make sure to take a moment and celebrate you, our ACA families, our amazing ACA students and dedicated ACA staff!



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