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Schoolwide Culture Rubric

Following consistent routines and have schoolwide expectations has long been a standard at ACA. We are able to make this possible through consistent use of our School Culture Rubric. We have found this tool to be invaluable as it supports all of our staff and students in having the same expectations. Students thrive on consistency and staff appreciate knowing that all teachers and staff members are upholding students to the same set of expectations.

One example of our student culture rubric in action is our routine called Threshold. This is where all teachers greet each student at the door by name every single day. For Middle School students this includes every period. This is a great way to set the stage for a positive interaction during the school day. Students know that they are valued and that their teacher is excited to have them in class. For staff, it allows you a quick check in with students, and often we can tell when a student is having an off day and check in with them more frequently.

Other schools have visited ACA and are impressed with the Student Culture Rubric. Recently Mrs. Henderson had some Superintendent's from around the state visiting ACA. They all were impressed with what they saw in the classrooms and said they could see the Student Culture Rubric in action. A few have even reached out to her since and asked for a copy so they can try and implement this in their districts! We are constantly revising this document and are always looking for ways to improve. The Student Culture Rubric is a great tool to help use achieve excellence!


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