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The ACA Playground

The ACA playground is where students can have fun! We want students to run and jump and play and interact and just. be. kids!

For our Kinder-4th grade students, we even have structured play organized for students within their playground zones. As was the norm last year, we have our playground broken up into colorful zones where the various classrooms play. They get to alternate to different zones on different days so they get different play options. This allows students to try new things in different zones and also allows us to limit exposure to too many different students by keeping 1 classroom within the zones.

In one zone, we offer jenga, building blocks, cornhole, chalk. In another zone we have giant connect 4, a bubble machine and giant building materials. Each zone has something fun to offer the students. We even play fun music on the patios where some students love to dance and jump around.

Our cafeteria and playground monitors truly have created a fun, safe and exciting atmosphere for the students during their lunch recess that our students love.


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