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Science in Action!

1st graders on the bus on the way to the science center

Last week, our ACA 1st graders attended the Arizona Science Center for their first field trip of the year!

We had a number of parents and staff in attendance to ensure all students had a fun and safe time at the Science Center. Students were able to play with all of the hands on exhibits, see in person science experiement demonstrations and learn about construction, electricity, the systems of the body and so much more.

1st graders playing with the water exhibit

Field Trips are a very important part of the learning process for studnets because it brings learning to life! In fact, our 1st graders learned all about the different systems in our body this past quarter. They learned about the circulatory, nervous, skeletal, digestive and muscular system. It takes their learning to an entirely new level when they get to see a life size depiction of someones nervous system using blinking and glowing lights!

1st grader and her mom play in the water exhibit

No to mention, it adds a whole other level of community between our parents, students and staff when they get to take a trip outside the walls of the school and have fun together!

1st graders on their field trip at the science center
1st graders play with one of the hands on exhibits at the science center
1st graders play in the water exhibit


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