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First Day Follow-Up

What an amazing first day of school we had! We're excited to have students and ACA families back in the building with our new building updates and of course our wonderful solar panels providing all that SHADE!!

We just wanted to touch base on a few items after our first day:

Fire Drill: We had the fire alarm go off twice today caused solely by humidity in the system.We are actively working with the fire people to ensure our fires system is working at full capacity. There are no fire issues at all we are working with all parties involved. But we must say, teachers and students handled them PERFECTLY!

Dismissal: We love our new shade!!! We are happy to say dismissal for all K-8 students lasted under an hour. Please continue to follow the route and all dismissal rules. But please know we've already made some small tweaks to how we manage it internally.

Middle School Dismissal: We are pushing Middle School Dismissal back to 3:15, so we HIGHLY recommend Middle School parents to not show up until after 3:20. If you have a hot pink or lime green dashboard sign, this will help tremendously as our K-5 dismissal is still getting the hang of things.

Lastly, we had a few staff triggered by the heat today and we always take an abundance of precautionary measures to ensure our staff are safe as well and everyone is doing just fine.

We're looking forward to our best school year yet!


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