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Bulldog Parents Committee

We encourage all ACA parents to consider joining our Bulldog Parents Committee! Next meeting is Tuesday August 13th 3:15-4:15pm.

We We Are?

A group of parents whom are trying to bring to life the idea/suggesstions that our parents are coming up with (ie: daddy/daughter dace, mother/son dance); however, we can't do it without you!

We are currently meeting once a month for an hour with an agenda and ideas!

How do you join?

Email: Sheri Haberkorn at

How do you remember?

We send out a reminder a few weeks before the meeting in the weekly bulldog bulletin. We also send out remindes through the Remind app. To get the remind app to our group text the number 81010 and text the message @g97de8k

When do we meet?

August 13th 3:15-4:14....Dances

Sept. 10th 3:15-4:15...Dances

October 8th 3:15-4:15...Dances

Nov 12th 3:15-4:15...Holidays

Dec. 10th 3:15-4:15pm...Dances

Jan 14th 3:15-4:15...Fundraising

Bulldog Parents Action Goals

-Meet the Teacher Night Booth

-Father/Daughter Dance

-Mother/Son Dance

-Holiday Ideas

-Fundraising for playground equipment

See you at the next meeting!


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