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ACA Schoolwide Student Data Day a Success!

At the end of the first month of school, ACA held it's schoolwide student data day. This day was created for students to truly own their academic growth.

All students met individually with their teacher to learn how they performed on all of their beginning of the year assessments to help create a roadmap of growth and goals for the them for the schoolyear. Of course, each grade level would approach their goals differently. In Kindergarten a good goal could be to learn how to sit it STAR the correct way, and in 5th grade it could be to complete their homework on time and so on.

We are incredibly proud of all ACA students and there were some GREAT reviews from teachers and students alike after our Data Day:

"The kids were so happy to set goals for themselves and try harder! I was so excited to chat with them about goals and their recent benchmark. I was also excited to see how excited they were to try harder. They seemed very confident in themseleves and their abilities for this year!" - 1st Grade

"So that's why we have to practice a little bit every day, to grow the low score and beat it to make it a higher score, and we just keep doing that with every score! I get it! It doesn't matter if I start with a low score if I'm always trying to beat it!" - 3rd Grade Student

" Some kids who didn't have as ambitious goals were still talking it very seriously, and even if their growth goals were modest, they were telling me why they thought that was their "first step", and brainstormed ideas on how to get there." - 7th Grade

It aligned with our Second Step, social emotional learning curriculum, if they set really ambitious goals. "I let them know know that it’s a good start and we’ll be tracking progress throughout the year and if we have to make adjustments along the way we can always modify the goal (same for those whose goals were really simple)" - 5th Grade

"I was excited to see that all students were excited to make their goals and to work hard to achieve them. Some students came up with their own ideas on how to achieve their goal." - 4th Grade

My students were able to verbally name actions they want to take to achieve the goals they set. - Middle School


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