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ACA's Academic Intervention Program

One of the programs that we highlighted in our A+ Application was our Intervention program.  ACA has hired a skilled set of former principals and administrators who pull small groups of K-4 students in order to close the Achievement Gap and help improve reading.  In this current academic year we are in the 3rd year of the program and the data has been showing GREAT gains.

We have seen tremendous success with our students with over 96% of Kinder students being on or above grade level last year, and more than 85% in both 1st and 2nd grade.  Last year was also our best year for students in the 3rd grade ELA AASA, showing a 12% gain in proficient students from the prior year.  This program uses designated lessons that directly align with the Reading curriculum used in K-2.  It has been so awesome to watch our students grow academically and see ACA living out it's mission to close the Achievement Gap.  We can and we will!


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