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School Closure Through April 10th and Distance Learning Information

ACA Parents,

Governor Ducey and Superintendent Kathy Hoffman have extended school closure through April 10th. ACA will continue to follow our plan for rolling out Distance Learning. We wanted to put out another reminder about what the next few weeks will look like. We will be sending even more detailed class information coming soon.

Regardless of how long this school closure lasts, ACA is committed to provide the best learning opportunities and social-emotional support. If you need anything, please contact us here:

For the Week of March 24th-27th: Extended Spring Break.

-You can jump on our website here: to find some of the familiar links your student uses

-Our teachers will be in contact with you later this week as we formulate more plans for our distance learning and how/when to get student materials

For the week starting March 30th-April 10th and as long as needed: Distance Learning

-Distance Learning begins. We are working very hard to formulate ways for teachers to stay in contact with their students and putting together materials to keep our students learning.

Grab and Go Food- ACA will provide throughout school closure

Reminder, that grab and go food will begin Monday March 23rd at 9 am. It is free for all children from 1 year- 18 years old. More details on this can be found HERE

What is distance learning?

Each grade level will:

Starting the week of March 24th:

  • Be in communication with you as a parent the week of March 24th

  • Communicate a plan to pick-up necessary school materials

  • Students who need access to a computer will be contacted by the school and while computers last, we will check out to all families in need

  • ACA is in contact with Cox to help provide internet access for those in need

Starting the Week of March 30th

  • Live sessions will be hosted for students to log into- starting March 30th

  • Recorded sessions will be posted for those that can’t attend live

  • Students will be talking with their teachers on a weekly basis

  • Teachers will be answering questions throughout each day via office hours for both parents and students

  • As the weeks progress, additional engaging materials will be added to the distance learning program

  • ACA is in contact with Cox to help provide internet access for those in need

  • Teachers will be monitoring attendance and student progress

As always, we are closely monitoring information as it comes from state and local agencies and will do our best to put out updates as they come. Our ACA community is amazing and together We Can and We Will!

ACA Administration

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