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Integrated Academy of Studies Students Participate in Character Playbook with NFL and United Way

The NFL and United Way have a digital learning initiative that "teaches students the skills to cultivate character and maintain healthy relationships" which deals directly with Cyber Bullying and working through conflict.

Students talk with 12 news sports reporter

On Monday October 2nd, our Integrated Academy of Studies students were selected to participate in a Live Virtual Hangout with some Arizona Cardinals players and cheerleaders!

Students talk with Drew Stanton of the Arizona Cardinals

Our students even had a chance to ask Drew Stanton of the Arizona Cardinals what Character means to him and what he thought having good character meant. His response was "It all comes down to what you do when no one is watching that shows your true character".

We even tweeted about how we enjoyed the experience and Kristen Keough of Channel 11 retweeted us!

tweet to ACA from Kristen Keogh

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