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From a Grateful Parent of our ACA Student

Email from a parent today –

Hi Mrs. Henderson.

Thanks for taking the time and stopping to chat with me the other morning. I just wanted to share again how much we appreciate the program that allows the older kids to bring the kinder kids out to the cars in the afternoon. My daughter, Liz, did have a hard time transitioning to a new school, and is VERY shy. Her helpers, Gabby who started the year with her, and Madi, who now walks her to the car, have both been exceptional. Liz has a boost of confidence when she sees the girls and they always acknowledge her and share hugs in the mornings. Liz’s birthday was in September and when Gabby found out it was her birthday, that following Monday she brought a little treat for Liz to celebrate her special day. There wasn’t anyone that she didn’t share that special moment with and we all appreciated that sweet gesture. These little things are big things to a parent, and I am so thankful Liz had this opportunity to make some new friends.

I think it’s been a great first year for us and appreciate all the efforts of everyone who have worked with us. Liz adores Mrs. Allen, which also helped in the transition. I appreciate Mrs. Allen always taking a minute to chat and giving me suggestions on helping my shy girl come along. We are excited for new adventures when it comes to first grade, but will miss Mrs. Allen.

Thanks again Mrs. Henderson and for all the great things and people who we see every day… starting with the front office!!

We are grateful for parents like this one. Thank you for your kind words.

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