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Responsibility Centered Discipline (RCD)

Arizona Charter Academy has implemented an exciting program this year called Responsibility Centered Discipline, better known as RCD. Responsibility Centered Discipline is a proven program that reduces discipline in the classroom. It is focused on helping students take responsibility for their actions, learning about what caused their behavior, and how the student is going to take responsibility for their actions in the future and change their behavior.

Teachers learn how to coach students through this and work closely with the student as their ally. ACA has invested in the program for the next 3 years and has an onsite master certified trainer come out to train the staff in August, and he will be back in October. The best part is - you can use RCD at home and he is going to do a parent session for all of you on Tuesday October 17th @ 5pm in our Design Thinking Lab! Truly, this is something that you will not want to miss out on.

Together, we will make an impact on our students and community.

We hope to see you on Tuesday October 17th at 5pm.


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