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Help Your Student Become a Math Star!

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We feel your frustration and at times pain when it comes to assisting your child(ren) with their math homework. Many of you may ask, why are the teachers showing these strange and difficult ways of doing math? What happened to the old way of math? In the meantime, when you try to show your child the “old way” they start getting upset saying, “My teacher said not to do it that way. Mom/Dad, you don’t understand you are doing it all wrong. I can’t do it this way!”

Why has math changed?

The workforce today is not looking for just an answer they are looking for problem solvers. Students need to understand the “why” behind the answer. To be able to express verbally and in writing (with pictures as needed) the reasoning behind the problems is essential.

How can parents help?

Over the past two years, many teachers and parents have found helpful websites and tips to assist. Below are listed recommendations:

Free website, sign up with an email. Amazing teaching in videos, practice problems and very helpful.

Search for the keywords in an assignment. Short videos will often show the same technique we are using in class. For example: second-grade number bonds adding and subtracting, place value chart with decimals fifth grade, eighth-grade laws of exponents.

ACA belongs to and is FREE to our students. This math program helps students to fill any gaps in their math learning. If students are on 15 minutes a night you will see GREAT growth. Every student has an account.

ACA will host grade level Math Nights throughout the year to keep you updated on the specific math curriculum in your students grade level and how you as a parent can help them be most successful!


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