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ACA Family Art Night a Blast

ACA's Fine Arts teachers collaborated and hosted the first ever ACA Family Art Night. There was a huge turnout and a constant stream of families all night long.

Parents and their children were able to come, get yummy snacks, and work together on multiple arts and crafts projects together.

There was a raffle of 2 backpacks courtesy of Treasures for Teachers. Home Depot donated tiles for the tile painting station and Sprouts donated paper bags for the other decorating station. It truly was a community event.

Parents were able to sit with their children and bring out their inner artists together. What a great way to spend a Friday evening!

Thanks to our wonderful Fine Arts teachers for their hard work and dedication to make this event a wonderful success! Mrs. Gatto, Mrs. Eubank, Mrs. Crossman and Mrs. Hernandez, thank you!!


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