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ACA Teachers: We Choose You!

At ACA, we do our very best to celebrate! Celebrating accomplishments both big and small, go a long way to increase morale and to put appreciation where appreciation is due. One of our school wide values is Thoughtfulness and ACA Integrated Academy of Studies students exemplified that kindness when at their student assembly celebrating student academic achievements, students wanted to turn it around and also celebrate the amazing teachers at ACA.

This whole effort was student inspired and student led by the Leadership class.

Students announced the awards and said a small blurb about why they were presenting that award to the teacher. Teachers were very pleasantly surprise as they went up to receive their awards.

Awards were given to:

Mr. Moreno

"We appreciate your kindness to all students and coming to school every day with a smile."

Mr. Butler:

"We appreciate your ability to quickly adapt to our school. The students love your easy demeanor!"

Mr. Crossman:

"The time you take out of your day to help each student and build relationships"

Mr. Bertram:

"Your ability to easily relate with students and your constant kindness"

Mr. Parham:

"Your comedic talents and your desire to prepare students for success. Favorite line... 'Handle your business!'"

Mrs. Ferati:

"Your ability to calmly understand students and help them without question."

Ms. Robertson:

"Your kind heart and willingness to help all your students."

Mrs. Wieser:

"The time you take to be there for students and push them to be the best versions of themselves."

Ms. Burkett:

"Your talent in making learning fun for students. Favorite saying...'The bell doesn't dismiss you, I do.'"

Ms. Cole:

"Your dedication in making sure all students are learning and making progress."

Mrs. Lee:

"Her ability to brighten the mood and connect with students. Favorite line...'Happy Friday Eve!'"

Ms. Mawson:

"Her creativeness in setting up 'out of this world' experiments for optimal student learning."

Mrs. Klenner:

"Her caring heart and her ability to coach her students through life's obstacles."

Mrs. Salazar:

"Her constant determination in making sure all students have the tools they need to succeed."

Mrs. Crossman:

"Your amazing talents and the way you encourage your students to always make good choices."

Mrs. Preston:

"Your giant heart and willingness to do anything to help your students. We appreciate you!"

Mrs. Gore:

"Being the best 'School Mom', holding ALL students accountable."

Ms. Alvarez:

"Holding students accountable while being sensitive to their needs. Thank you for being there for students."


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