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Students are Teachers for a Day!

Mrs. Thein's 2nd grade class came dressed impress! They wanted to take their learning to the next level. The class has been discussing how it is one thing to be able to do schoolwork on your own, but they can expand their depth of knowledge by being able to teach others. Students can be each others best teachers, so it only makes sense to equip them with the tools they need to give constructive feedback.

Teaching students to communicate effectively with each other means the thread of learning can move from student to student and back again. The class dressed up as teachers for a day and were able to teacher their peers a math lesson.

Mrs. Thein said of the experience, "It was incredible to see my students become little teachers and work together to help their peers grow."

Students loved the opportunity to be able to come to school "out of uniform" and in professional clothes. The entire class participated!


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