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Congratulations to our Science Fair Winners!

This week we announced the winners for our 3rd-8th grade Science Fair. All students in grades 2nd-8th grades participate in a Science Fair project. In 2nd grade the classes do a group project and in grades 3rd-8th, the students work for weeks on their individual projects. They work both in class and at home and should be very proud of all of their hard work.

Our 3rd-8th grade teachers choose 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. Here are this years winners:

3rd Grade:

1st Place: Zoe Garcia Porras

2nd Place: Kathalina Lozano

3rd Place: Zion Menendez and Korbin Langston

4th Grade:

1st Place: Giselle Lopez

2nd Place: Emily Reyes

3rd Place: Adelynn Montenegro

(not pictured: Giselle Lopez and Emily Reyes)

5th Grade

1st Place: Bryson Miller

2nd Place: Emma Tran

3rd Place: Aidan Lima

6th Grade

1st Place: Vivianna Angulo

2nd Place: Josiah Smith

3rd Place: Jacob Perez

7th Grade

1st Place: Kaysen Langan

2nd Place: Camila Ponce-Duarte

3rd Place: Anna Haberkorn

8th Grade

1st Place: Kayden Baldridge

2nd Place: Noah Navarra

3rd Place: Mikaela Acosta


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