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Backpack Fundraiser for ACA Students!

Help us reach our goal and ensure all ACA students can start the year off right with a brand new backpack!

ACA families have been through so much these last few years and have continued to show up and defy odds every single day. We would like to take one thing off the list of our ACA families and ensure every single student has a brand new backpack for the upcoming school year.

Please consider donating to our backpack fund so we can get every ACA student a BRAND NEW BACKPACK!

Any donation will help, but see below what the different levels of donation can bring for our wonderful students. Click the amount below to donate...

$100 Donation- Ensures an entire ACA classroom of 24 students will have new backpacks!! (Note: a $500 donation ensures an entire GRADE LEVEL receives new backpacks, click the $100 donation and add 5 to the cart!)

$50 Donation- This buys 11 backpacks which is equal to HALF a classroom of ACA students!

$25 Donation- This buys 5 backpacks which is equal to about 2 ACA families!

$10 Donation- This ensures 2 ACA students will have a new backpack!

Any donation helps us reach our goal. Thank you in advance for supporting our ACA Families!!!


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