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ACA Summer Camp is Soaring!

Arizona Charter Academy is building the next generation of creatives! Creativity is the best strategy to innovate the mind for the youth of today.

We were so excited to be able to host a 3 week Summer Camp this year focused on closing academic gaps and social emotional learning. There were so many fun projects and hands on learning opportunities for students in grades Kinder through 8th grades.

In the classroom of Ms. Garcia there is a brightening atmosphere surrounding the 4 walls. The kids are showing off their artwork to their other camp mates who have developed into their friends. Excitement derives from the music playing softly in the background as well as the continuation of decorating.

Staff such as Ms. Figueroa presents a welcoming environment even from down the hall. When walking into her classroom there are smiles on each face of the students. There is a certain joy in the atmosphere that can be felt, and it is contagious. Ms. Figueroa says, ‘’I have so many pictures of the kids if you want me to send them to you.’’ Figueroa explains with an inviting smile on her face which shows her sincerity and enjoyment with the students.

There are kids outside running around playing everything from hide and seek, basketball, and jumbo Jenga. Throughout these past weeks the weather has climbed up quickly but that does not stop these kids from having fun. As the ACA summer camp ends, we hope that friendship and laughter carry onto the upcoming school year.


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