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ACA Gallery Walk Art Show

Please join us for a Gallery Walk Art Show on Campus February 16th and 17th from 4:30-6pm.

Our amazing art teachers Ms. Frank and Ms. Pelletier have been holding onto student art all year long and are finally ready and able to showcase between 800-1100 pieces of art from all students Kinder-8th grades.

Our goal is to have at least 1 piece of art for every student. It will be all medias that students have been exposed to: watercolor, painting, sculpture, mixed media and drawing.

Our Middle School Art Teacher, Ms. Frank said of the show "I am proud of the 8th graders on their personal Chinese medallions, and there will be a display up of their last project which will be a miniature army of puppets they made with handmade descriptions of all the different careers they have been researching. I also can't wait for everyone to see the mighty creativity that comes out of the Studio Art elective, and the patience in the Drawing elective."

We hope to see all families there!

We do ask that all attendees wear masks while on campus.


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