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ACA Students and Teachers Sending Love and Support to Schools Affected by Hurricane Harvey

We've been seeing the news and by now we all know Hurricane Harvey has created a huge burden on the communities in Texas. We at ACA have found a few ways to give back.

School Supply Drive

Mrs. Allen (Kindergarten) is hosting a school supply drive for Roy Guess Elementary in Beaumont, Texas. Their neighborhood was under water and was one of the worst hit areas. Mrs. Allen's class has decided to step in and help the local school with restocking a few of the supplies that were lost in the flooding.

They will be discussing human kindness and global awareness in their class and will be putting that lesson into action. They will be collecting the following items:

-gift cards






-Clorox wipes


-any other school related supplies

Anyone else interested in helping the efforts are welcome to send donations to Enrollment Center located in the Middle School front office. For questions on the program please email

Letters of Encouragement

Ms. Grant's (3rd Grade) sister works at a school district in Houston and she had 3rd graders write letters to the students encouraging them and letting them know they are on our minds and in our hearts:

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