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ACA’s Chess Team First Season a Success!

A big congrats to ACA’s inaugural Chess Team! Their season started in January and lasted through April and they practiced twice a week and had tournaments almost every Monday with a total of about 15 tournaments this season!

Did you know, our Chess Team is not a club,?! It is a competitive sport and we are registered members of the Charter Athletic Association! Little tip: There are such thing as professional chess players and many colleges offer scholarships for exceptional chess players!

Our team is coached by Mr. Crossman (4th grade teacher) and Mr. Bertram. Here are some highlights of ACA’s first

Team Captains: Quincy Diaz and Gabriel Rodriguez

Jacob Sivil beat the current state champion and broke his perfect season with a hard-fought win

Georgio Jacobs worked hard and successfully completed the season.

In the last tournament of the season, the following students received plaques in the following categories:

1st Chair Division:

3rd Place – Quincy Diaz 4th Place – Gabriel Rodriguez

2nd Chair Division:

3rd Place – Strummer Icenogle

3rd Chair Division:

2nd Place – Jacob Sivil

ACA’s 2016-2017 Chess Team Members Included: Damien Hamilton, Robert Dennison, Miguel Rosas, Gabriel Mendoza, Kingsley Alino, Quincy Diaz, Gabriel Rodriguez, Strummer Icenogle and Jacob Sivil.

Congrats to our first Bulldog Chess Team!

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