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Once it is safe to return to the physical campus, the on-campus model ACA will be offering is a Hybrid Model. 

Highlights of the Hybrid Model:

  • Small class sizes of 12-14 students on campus.

  • 12-14 attending distance learning on opposite days. Teachers will monitor student progress.

  • Provides security and support for all students.

  • Creates safe distances of over 6 feet between students and adults.

  • Supporting students for social-emotional wellness.

hybrid model space.webp

Cohort A: Tuesday/Thursday on campus with Distance Learning Wednesday/Friday

Cohort B: Wednesday/Friday on campus with Distance Learning Tuesday/Thursday

Sample Student's Week with the ACA Hybrid Model:

Sample hybrid schedule.PNG

To learn about the safety measures ACA will be taking once students return to campus please visit our Safety Measures Page.

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