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ACA began in 2001 and has grown significantly throughout the years with the same goal in mind: To build future leaders who will have a positive impact on their community. 

At ACA we know you're the kind of parent that wants the best for your child. We know there are many options when it comes to schools and it can be frustrating to know which school will meet your child's needs. At Arizona Charter Academy our goal is to meet your child where they are at today and grow them from there. ACA has been building greatness within our students for the last 20 years. 

7 ACA Kinder students on the playground.

Our values...

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In addition to closing academic gaps and instilling values in our students, our mission is to empower all students to help them find their voice, create positive change in the community and set them up for success in high school and beyond. 

The ACA Mission:
To empower all students to be responsible, productive and global citizens.

ACA Students Will:

  • Apply creative and critical thinking to solve problems

  • Display cultural awareness, pride and respect for themselves and others

  • Utilize technology effectively

  • Actively contribute to the community

  • Articulate and support viewpoints through written and verbal expression

ACA middle school student with backpack on.

Enrolling your child at Arizona Charter Academy can ensure your child's success and you no longer have to worry if they are falling behind or just a number. 

Are you ready to set your child up for success?

Check out this great video all about ACA and why we are here to help students be successful!

Group of ACA kinder students on playground.

Tradition of Diversity

ACA stands out as a melting pot where students get an excellent education and learn to become global citizens. It is critical for students to learn about different cultures and develop quality communication skills. This belief is part of the schools mission, to educate students in a way that encourages cultural awareness, pride and respect for themselves and others.
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