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Hear what it is like to be a part of the team at ACA from a few of our staff...


Donna Smith

Kindergarten Teacher

"ACA is totally the best for me. I began my journey here in 2018 as a substitute teacher. I have worked as a long-term sub in both the classroom and office. I have also worked as a parapro. We have an administrative team that truly cares about not only the students (which is their first priority); but they care about staff members. Care, compassion and love is my description for the top team of innovators. We are a family at ACA. I don't take it for granted and I can't fully explain the family atmosphere, but I can tell you it is a true family. If you want a great teaching experience, join the ACA team"

Nazli Moore Teacher Picture

Nazli Moore

1st Grade Teacher

“There are many reasons why I love working at Arizona Charter Academy, not only do  admin care about our students , they care about us teachers. Which is why I love coming to work! They are in your corner and your advocate and to me, that is important.  You need your admin to support you as a teacher, help you when in need, and that is what I get from my admin!  I know I can go to anyone of them with a concern and they will help me through it all, without judgement.  ACA is truly a family. It is my home away from home, we take care of eachother. My 1st grade team is truly a team and and we are there for one another any time of day.  I can't forget my kids, they are always the best and teach me so much, sometimes I feel more than I teach them!  I have had parents thank me for loving their kids and I just tell them, I love them as I do my own. The students are what make ACA amazing"

Johnny Rios

Elective Technology/Health and Wellness Teacher

Athletic Coordinator

Sports Coach

The best part about working at ACA is seeing the students I taught bring their own kids back to ACA because of how special this place is. I believe a lot of people feel welcomed and are treated like family. Being part of ACA has allowed me to give back to a lot of students, just the way I was brought up with my teachers and coaches. I feel blessed to be a part of something special and at the end of the day I can step back and feel confident that I setup my students or athletes to be better people and prepared for the next chapter of their life."

teacher with students on playground

Maggie Clark

Front Office

"I've seen and experienced so much that I truly feel blessed to show up everyday to be a part of such a positive group of people. Working at ACA has been a rewarding experience for many reasons. I come to work daily and feel like I'm part of the ACA family. I am mostly proud to work for a school that provides equal opportunities and access to a high quality education that all children deserve regardless of their background.


Gabriel Sandoval

Dean of Students

Athletic Director

" I have worked for 19 years in education and multiple organizations in California and Arizona. ACA has been the best experience I have had working as an educator. The staff is welcoming, passionate about their work, and everyone is willing to roll up their sleeves to help. I feel truly blessed to be part of this remarkable team of people."

Chanel Hale

Special Education Teacher

"With this being my first year teaching, I absolutely LOVE it here at ACA. I was looking for a family, especially this being my first time away from home, -- here at ACA has brought me a home away from home, my second family. The culture, diversity, and overall people here are absolutely amazing. The ACA family really is a FAMILY, and they are more than just your average admin/ staff team, it amazes me how close everyone is and truly may know you by your first name. Then we have my students fill my heart with so much joy, they are eager to learn and grow and I couldn’t be more thankful for their joy into their own education. The students, staff, admin, are the whole reason why I enjoy being here at ACA."

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