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What type of activities can my donation support?

  • Character Education with our Positive Action and Bulldog Empowerment classes & Teacher Supplies

  • New, updated laptops to replace outdated ones, as we have learned getting sound technology in our students hands is critical.

  • STEM class supplies for our growing STEM programs


Your donation won’t cost you anything!

Individuals: For 2019-2020, donations of up to $400 (married, filing jointly) and $200 (single filing) qualify for dollar-for-dollar Tax Credit.

100% of your donation will go to benefit students of Arizona Charter Academy.

Your Tax Credit

Their Future!


The Arizona Legislature has created a wonderful opportunity for us to 
expand activities in sports, art, music, field trips, normally paid for by extra curricular activity fees. Arizona tax payers can take a TAX CREDIT up to $400 directly off taxes owed by writing a check to our school to support these activities. In addition, in some cases, these funds can be deducted from your federal taxes as well.

Arizona School Tax Credits can be used by ALL Arizona State taxpayers, even if you do not have a child in school.

A tax credit is different from a deductible donation because you may subtract the ENTIRE contribution from your Arizona
state tax bill.

It’s YOUR tax money!
YOUR donations can stay local!
Remember, the tax year ends December 31st!

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