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ACA Students, It's Your Time to Shine!!

April is AZMerit testing month statewide in Arizona. Here at Arizona Charter Academy, we know the importance of student morale as they walk into testing month. We believe in our students and everything they've learned this year and we wanted them to know:


We held pep assemblies for all students 3rd-8th grade to get them pumped up and excited to show what they know.

First, students were surprise by a once in a lifetime performance of Rappers Delight by the infamous Mr. P!

Middle School students were given an inspriational speech from our very own Georgia Jacob 8th grade.

We then passed out glow sticks for the students and let this know this was their TIME TO SHINE and they all got to dance and do the wave with their glow sticks.

Middle School students, LaNijah Armstrong and Jada Washington taught the 3rd-5th graders a dance to the song "All it Takes"

The assembly ended with a freestyle dance time and it was the perfect ending for students to have a great time and celebrate ahead of the time, the great job they will all do on AZ Merit this year.

ACA, Bulldogs! We CAN and we WILL!!!!


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