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Teaching Students To Be Kind and Respectful

ACA has a school wide class/curriculum called "Positive Action". It's time dedicated each school day that has a focus on social emotional learning. As we know, this global pandemic has effected everyone worldwide. Even down to the littlest humans, emotions have been a roller coaster. Our Positive Action time addresses those emotions and many other social emotional topics.

Ms. Hansford's class is currently learning about how to be kind and respectful and have set a goal to have 100 positive actions by Thanksgiving. What a great goal!!

Some of the actions include:

-helped my mom do the laundry

-helped clean the living room

-I gave my friend a toy

-I helped my mom wipe the baby's face

And many more!

The class is currently at 30 positive actions and want to have 100 by next week. We know you can do it guys!

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