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Sweetheart Dance Recap

Our Bulldog Parent Committee hosted our ACA Sweetheart Dance (Father/Daughter Dance) this past Friday. It was a roaring success with close to 200 in attendance. Father/Daughter couples enjoyed dancing together, having snacks, taking pictures and even doing some crafts together.

Our ACA Bulldog Parent Committee works tirelessly to plan and orchestrate this event every year. The Parent Committee is made up completely of ACA parent volunteers that are interested in participating in and growing the overall ACA community.

For all those in attendance, they can surely attest the atmosphere was so endearing and sweet to see Fathers and Daughters creating fun memories together. Once father put it this way, "I haven't seen that many grown men with tears of joy in one setting in a long time."

For any parents interested in joining our Bulldog Parent Committee, they are welcome and encouraged to reach out to the Committee Coordinator, Sheri Haberkorn, an ACA Teacher and ACA Parent


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