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Students Participate in Speak Up, Stand Up Save a Life Conference

For the 2nd year in a row, Integrated Academy of Studies students participated in the Speak Up Stand Up Save a Life Conference held at Grand Canyon University. The conference exists to address the issues of bullying, substance abuse and suicide among youth from grades 5th-12th.

After attending the conference last year, students came back to campus ready to make a difference. They didn't want the impact of the conference to end with that one day, rather for it to continue and take on a life of it's own on our campus.

Around the same time, ACA was launching it's Bully RAADR program and it all coincided perfectly. Students put posters up around the campus urging students to "Speak Up" if they see something troubling in one of their peers. They also visited every classroom to discuss our use of the Bully RAADR app and how they can use it to "Stand Up" for themselves and their peers.

Not only did our students attend the conference, our students were chosen to present the proclamation the City of Surprise issued to declare January "Speak Up Stand Up Save a Life Month". Our students are ambassadors for the movement of empowering students to Speak Up for themselves and their peers to possibly Save a Life!


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