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School Safety Survey

August 13, 2019

Dear Member of the School Community,

We are asking our school stakeholders to complete a survey as a part of our participation in the “Safer Schools in America” grant project. The project is designed to support our efforts to ensure that our school is as safe and secure as possible for our students and staff. Vital Insight™ Inventory is an assessment that will help us better understand our collective knowledge and experience so that we can determine the best ways to reach our goals.

Your feedback will help determine which new safety technologies we will be able to implement free of charge for three years. We expect this survey to take approximately 15-20 minutes of your time. We greatly appreciate your feedback. Stakeholder groups invited to take the survey include district and building administrators, community members, board members, teachers, support staff, and students.

Please visit ( to take the survey and help our school. You will be asked to identify yourself as a member of a specific group, but your responses will remain confidential. After the survey closes, the results will be tabulated and a report will be used to assess our security needs.

Thank you for your help in providing feedback for our schools!

Mrs. Beckman




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