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No Bully Zone!

ACA's Campus has been all a flutter with some very special guests for the last few weeks bringing a very special message. Arizona Charter Academy has partnered with World Slam Dunk Champions Kenny Dobbs and Gary Smith and the makers of the no bully app, Raadr to bring an amazing series of No Bully activities to the campus.

It all started with an amazing assembly attended by all ACA students. Kenny and Gary gave students a fun demonstration of their slam dunk skills and even played a little 2 on 2 basketball with some ACA students. Then they broke it down and go serious about the importance of being a leader and not a follower. They did a heart touching and emotional role playing skit showing the various forms of bullying that hit the nail on the head for our students.

They even came back to personally introduce the Raadr app to our Middle School students which allows them to anonymously report to the schools administration.

They use the app for following purposes:

1. Report Positive News

2. Report Bullying

3. Report something that NEEDS to be noticed by teachers

Our Middle School leadership team along with Gary and Kenny and the creator of the Raadr app, walked to every classroom explaining the app, how to download it and how to work the various features.

The app has only been in use for 1 week and it's already being used by students, teachers and administration to draw their attention to important matters.

We are so grateful to Gary and Kenny for investing their time and talents to the students at ACA. Together we are creating a NO BULLY ZONE!

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