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Literacy Night at ACA

ACA parent reads with this child

At ACA, Literacy is Life! Every year we host a number of Literacy Nights and invite our parents to come in and learn tips on helping your young reader at home.

ACA parent with their child at Literacy Night

Ms. Townes reading with a student

Ms. Townes our Reading Intervention teacher extraordinaire has an absolutely passion for reading and she will discuss tips as long as you'll let her! Her goal in life is to build life long love of reading in each and every ACA student and she has an EXCELLENT track record achieving this!

ACA parent with their child at Literacy Night

Mrs. Marquez Mendez with an ACA family at Literacy Night

Family nights like this Literacy Night are a part of ACA's culture. To learn more about Arizona Charter Academy, we do give campus tours throughout the year and summer, you can sign up HERE.

ACA parent with student at Literacy Night


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