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ACA's First Retiree

Mrs. McPeak and her family

This year, ACA will be celebrating another milestone of having our first retiree! Mrs. McPeak will be retiring after being with ACA for the past 14 years!

Former student a part of the first Kindergarten class presents flowers to Mrs. McPeak

Mrs. McPeak was ACA's first Kindergarten teacher and actually 1 of her students was Emily Holdaway whom graduated from High School just last year. Emily came back for the retirement party to honor and thank Mrs. McPeak and present her with some flowers.

ACA staff at the retirement party

All of ACA's staff was present for the breakfast to honor Mrs. McPeak and Mrs. Holdaway our CEO shared some very touching words as well.

CEO, Melissa Holdaway and Mrs. McPeak share stories

Over the years of service Mrs. McPeak dedicated to ACA she was a Kindergarten, 1st grade, ELL and RTI small groups teacher. When asked what about ACA made her stay all these years Mrs. McPeak responded, "the great caring and support from the administration. They have always promoted the feeling of joy for the staff and the students. I have felt a feeling of partnership and investment at ACA that one doesn't find at other schools. If we need help, advice, or support, we are always given it."

CEO, Melissa Holdaway. Paraprofessional and friend of Mrs. Mcpeak Mrs. LJ Dudley and Mrs. McPeak share an emotional moment.

With 14 years of teaching experience under her belt, we asked her if she had any advice for a teacher just starting out and she said "to be open to asking for help and advice. Everyone here is more than willing to help. Don't be afraid of making mistakes - that's how we grow."

Thank you for your years of service to children, Mrs. McPeak. We wish you a happy and restful retirement! Don't be a stranger!

If you're interested in joining the mission and team at ACA, visit our Careers Page!


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