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Finance Park- Middle School Elective Highlight

ACA Integrated Academy of Studies Middle Schoolers have over 30 electives to choose from in the areas of Business, Civics, STEM and Fine Arts. You can read all about our electives HERE.

We'd like to particularly highlight one of our Business electives; Finance Park. This elective teaches students how to make thoughtful, well-informed decisions about important aspects of personal finance, such as earning income, spending, saving, borrowing, investing, and managing money with real world examples and real-world issues going on today.

As part of this elective, students get the option to go on a field trip to BizTown Junior Achievement. Here students are assigned a random life scenario. They are given a job, salary and some students even had a family to take care of! They had to shop for housing, transportation, insurance, groceries and had to stay within their budget.

It was a great lesson in appreciating real world finances and the cost of living and having to have a personal budget.


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