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ACA Wins Fine Arts Grant!

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ACA has been awarded almost $20,000 from the Arizona Commission on the Arts!! We were 1 in 5 schools that received this grant in the state. The grant supports school/community partnerships that strengthen teaching and learning in arts education and integration in Arizona Title I schools.

We are so excited to roll out this program through our Integrated Academy of Studies by integrating the arts into some of our 6-8 Math and ELA curriculum in order to collaborate towards a full-length, fully-funded musical next summer! The grant also includes collaboration with local businesses Musical Surprise, WHAM and Shakatronics.

We will use the majority of the funds to update our performance space (the gym) with new microphones, curtains, chairs, risers and the set/props/costumes for the summer musical.

Great things are happening at ACA and giving our students these opportunities is huge! It will show our community that no matter where you come from, you can express yourself through art. Thank you to the teachers who are going to be supporting us through this year and a big thanks to Janeen Gaskins for writing the grant for us!

We will be updating everyone throughout the year to show you the great things we are doing- and make sure to come see the musical next summer!


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