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Dear Families,

Did you know that Arizona is tied as the 5th worst state for overall food insecurity? 1 in 5 children struggles with hunger in America. Do you volunteer as tribute to help change these statistics? It only costs $2.89 a meal in Arizona. Let's come together and help our ACA families. What better way to make an impact on our community than to compete with each other and break records?

This year, Student Council and Leadership will be hosting The ACA Hunger Games. Students will be working together as grade level teams. There will be three compeitions between K-2, 3-5, and 6-8. Whichever grade levels wins from each group will be able to celebrate with a PAW Party at the end of the quarter! Teachers will collect foods in their homerooms, which will then be counted and collected by the Leadership team on a weekly basis. Keep an eye out for our ACA Hunger Games Bulletin Boards in each building to see each grades weekly progress.

May the odds be ever in your favor!

Remember, we want to donate nutritious foods to give families healthy options. Please make sure any food you choose to donate is sealed and not expired.

Leadership will advertise different theme days to give students a better idea of what kind of foods we are looking to donate. These days are just a guide however, meaning you can donate whatever you have available on any day leading up to the final day of the compeition on December 13th. Please keep an eye out for these theme days around the school and in schoolwide emails.

Here are the themes for the weeks of the ACA Hunger Games:

Week 1

11/4 Mashed Potato Monday

Bring in a box of Mashed potato mix.

11/5 Tuna Tuesday Takeover

Bring in a can of tuna.

11/6 Whatever Wednesday

Bring in whatever cans you have in your pantry.

11/7 Tater Thursday

Bring in a potato...or a bag of potatoes!

11/8 TGIF- Thank Gosh it's Fruit-day!

Bring in canned fruit.



11/12 Target Tuesday

11/13 Wal-Mart Wednesday

11/14 The Dollar Store Thursday

11/15 "Fry's"-day



11/18 Macaroni Monday

Bring in pasta

11/19 Taco Tuesday

Bring in meat, rice or beans

11/20 Wonder Bread Wednesday

Bring in a loaf of bread

11/21 Three Cans Thursday

Bring in 3 cans of food

11/22 Fitness Friday

Bring in any food that provides protein



11/25 Make a Meal Monday

Bring in an item that can be used in a meal

11/26 Corny Tuesday

Bring in a can of corn.


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