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ACA Paw Parties!

Have you heard of an ACA Paw Party? We are so excited to be able to bring back our ACA Paw Parties as a way to encourage positive behavior in our Kinder-4th Grade students. ACA Paws and Paw Parties are apart of our large PBIS program on campus.

Each teacher at ACA is given 15 paws and K-4 classrooms across the school can earn paws from other teachers. Things that can earn a class a paw are things like walking in S.T.A.R. in the hallways, picking up trash on the playground. Exceptional behavior in the lunchroom or specials classes and more!

Once a class earns 15 paws, they get a PAW PARTY! A Paw Party is a 1 hour party for the students hosted by the amazing ACA Cafeteria and Playground monitors full of snacks, games, dancing and activities. In addition, the homeroom teacher of the class gets a 1 hour break while their students are in the cafeteria celebrating their paw party! Everyone wins!


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