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A+ School of Excellence Application

We're excited to announce ACA has applied for the Arizona Education Foundations (AEF) designation as an A+ School of Excellence again! This is a prestigious award that is granted to a select group of schools annually. ACA was previously awarded this designation during the 2018-2019 school year. The process includes a lengthy application with multiple questions to respond to in narrative form - from there, AEF reviews all applications and determines schools that will move onto the 2nd round - the school site visit. If ACA were to be awarded a visit it would be in either November, December, or January.

We are looking forward to hearing soon if ACA has been selected for a site visit!

One of the awesome things about the A+ application is that we get to highlight a variety of programs that make ACA unique. Here are a few of the programs that were highlighted:

  • Student Ambassadors

  • Cleaning with Meaning

  • School Participatory Budgeting

  • Responsibility Centered Discipline (RCD)

  • Our Reset Room

  • Academic Interventionists

  • Zearn (Our Math Curriculum)

  • Bulldog Parent Committee

  • Schoolwide Culture Rubric

We will be highlighting these programs over the next few weeks, so you, parents, also have a better idea of what happens during the day at ACA. We are excited to share all of these programs with you!


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