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Having Issues With Your Student Device?

If your student device is not working, please submit a support ticket HERE. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the online form to submit.

Here are a few tips to help with some commonly seen issues:

We've created a page on our website HERE, where we house a few of the frequently asked questions and ways to fix them at home.

Here's a few other questions we've seen in the last week:

Why do I have to keep connecting to my home wifi?

This is something that your students will continue to have to do... put in the home WiFi password.  Student devices are configured to provide the safest possible experience for our students.

We would NOT suggest changing a home WiFi password to make it “easier”.  This would only invite preying eyes from neighbors or others and possibly leave the entire home network vulnerable.  If your student is in 2nd grade, the computer cannot save bookmarks. You can access all of the bookmarked sites for 2nd grade at  For 3rd through 8th, the computer should have their personal account on it and should be able to save bookmarks, etc.

Computer in Maintenance Mode

This is normal and should only occur late Friday afternoon.  The computers will need a “maintenance period” so we had to schedule some time that would hopefully not disrupt student class activity – we thought late Friday afternoon after about 4:30 would be best.

The computer will “lock down” and prevent any use of the keyboard or mouse.  Never shut the computer off during the maintenance period because this could damage the computer.

Once these devices start being used more often, the weekly “maintenance period” will get shorter and the device can be shut down or continue to be used after that message goes away.  Expect the typical time to be about an hour.

Slow Internet

We know some families are having issues with their internet speeds while using the school laptop. Unfortunately, we have no control over the internet speed at our students houses. It might help to call your internet provider and make sure you are receiving the internet speeds that you have purchased.

Here are ways to help with speeding up your internet:

  1. Make sure there are no other devices/cell phones in your home streaming or using data. (Netflix, Apple TV, Amazon Prime…)

  2. Restart your computer and give it plenty of time to start up.

  3. Make sure all unnecessary applications and internet browsers are closed.

Another idea is you can always ask your internet provider how to gain better speeds at your home and possibly check your modem/router for problems.

Cox provided a list of ways to help your internet speed at home. Check it out HERE.

We will continue to provide helpful tips and updates as we receive them. If there is an area of technology you would like more tips on, please send us a message HERE.

Thank you!

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