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Drop-off and Dismissal Tips and Reminders

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Hello Parents,

We are always working to refine and tweak to first ensure student safety and then to of course always strive to be the most efficient in our processes. With that being said, please keep the following in mind:

Morning Drop-Off

-Our campus does not open up until 7am every day. There are no staff on campus prior to this time, so please do not begin to drop students off until 7am or after. There is no way to for us to ensure student safety prior to 7am.

-As long as your child is able to independently get out of their seat and open and close the car door without needing any assistance, you are free to use either our queuing lane or elementary dismissal gate for drop off.

-We strongly encourage any families with Middle Schoolers and their siblings get dropped off using the queuing lane that is off Market Street.

-Once you are in the official drop-off area, you do not need to wait for the staff to come and open the car door for your child, your child is able to open the car door and begin exiting the vehicle on their own. Our staff will come along to offer any additional assistance needed once they are done with the previous car.


We’ve reached record breaking numbers in our dismissal times for just the first week and a half of school! Check these numbers out:

Kinder only dismissal: down to 8 minutes!

K-5 dismissal: down to 25 minutes!

Middle School with siblings dismissal: down to 15 minutes!

Thank you so much for your help! Please continue to arrive at your designated time and you will flow quickly through the line!

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