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ACA's Middle School Empower Class Speaks to City of Surprise Council Meeting

Middle School students before they speak to the council

A group of ACA Middle School students were asked to open the City of Surprise City Council meeting on Tuesday September 19th. Students were asked to lead the Pledge of Allegiance at the beginning of the meeting and then were asked to talk about what their Empower class was and why it was important to them.

Middle School students addressing the City of Surprise, City council

Middle school students practicing their speech before addressing the council

Student Dayanara Solis, says "Empower is a class that will influence you into being a good person. It encourages you to do good things in life. For example, in class, I learned and we are trying to prevent bullying."

Student Cassandra Lopez, says "Empower helped me learn what sacrifices the people before us had to do in order to get where we are now."

Middle School students pose with City of Surprise Council

Great job being a voice for good!

Middle School students getting briefed before the council meeting

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