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ACA Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated from September 15th-October 15th. At ACA we find unique ways to incorporate observing Hispanic Heritage Month throughout the school. Here are a few ways our classrooms will be celebrating:

Kindergarten will be coloring the Mexico flag, and will also talk about the different Latin American countries and find them on the globe.

Kindergarten Art will be listening to a read aloud of Adelita by Tomie dePaola

1st grade will be learning a poem about Cesar Chávez and reading his biography. Students will be illustrating a scene about César Chávez and adding a caption. They will bind all the students pages to make a class book.

Students will also be teaching the class a few words they have been wanting to share, like "hello", "good bye" and "lunch time" in Spanish.

1st grade Art listening to a read aloud of The Rainbow Tulip by Pat Mora.

2nd Grade will be using their world map to illustrate all of the many countries that speak Spanish. They will hear various music pieces that are part of Hispanic Heritage, starting with Celia Cruz. They will also read a short kids oriented story of the life of Supreme Court Justice, Sonia Sotomayor. Students will also be encouraged to research at home and bring in a fact or artifact to celebrate Hispanic Heritage in a short show and tell.

3rd Grade will be doing a read aloud of The Rainbow Tulip.

5th Grade will be reading Esperanza Rising and doing oral reports on the tradition in the story.

Middle School will be planting "crops" with foods that are common in Spanish-speaking countries.

Middle School math classes will research Hispanic Mathematicians and create a bulletin board to honor Hispanic Heritage Month. They will also be doing "Aztec Math", where they will be replacing the Arabic numerals with Aztec numbers.

Middle School social studies we will be completing a graphic organizer as they view "A History of Hispanic Achievement in America: Emergence of a Unique Hispanic Culture" from Discovery Education. The students will then complete a profile on a person of their choice.

In the Music Department students will be learning about Mexico and singing 2 songs in Spanish in their World Music classes. The elementary classes will also be singing 1-2 songs in Spanish.

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