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ACA Rubik’s Cube Team Takes 3rd!

Over the weekend, the ACA Rubik’s Cube Team took 3rd in the middle school division with a time of 3 minutes 18 seconds! There were 9 teams competing and this was only the 2nd time competing for the team and the first time they competed on their own without combining with another team. Big Congrats!

ACA Rubik’s Cube Team Members: Kingsley Alino, Adan Chan, Devin Grant, Antonio Moreno, Jayson Arthuso, Jeffrey Arthuso, Izaiah Dominguez, Cadence Grant, Alexis Kohatsu, Ivan Rodriguez, Rogelio Torres

Our Rubik’s Cube team is just 1 dynamic facet of our Middle School Integrated Academy of Studies. It falls under the House of STEM and is a perfect example of ACA’s hands on and project based learning approach. It is an after school club available for ACA Middle Schoolers. For more information on ACA’s Integrated Academy of Studies, click HERE

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