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After School Clubs

We are so excited to offer such a wide variety of after school clubs as part of our 21st Century program this school year. Many of our staff members are offering their wide array of talents in order to give our students unique opportunities and as a way to create interest in topics not taught during the regular school day. We have over 100 Kindergarten through 8th-grade students participating in the program.

This semester, for our third and fourth graders, we are offering: Mind Games focusing on chess and logic puzzles, Crafts Club, Sports Club and Humor Writes, a program meant to bolster creativity and confidence through improvisation games and creative writing. For our 5th through 8th graders, we are offering Music Club focusing on music from different cultures, Science club which is experiment-based, Design Challenge which aids in teaching students the process of designing products, clothing, etc. and also Humor Writes.

Finally, we are very excited to offer a Kindergarten club this year focusing on the refinement of fine motor skills. 2016-2017 is already panning out to be our best 21st Century year yet.

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