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Student Morning Drop Off Policy


Parents, we would like to remind you of our morning drop off policy and routine.  Please take a moment to read this message carefully. 


Please enter ACA from Market Street by making a right hand turn onto campus.  Left hand turns are not permitted. Students need to be dropped off on campus.  Parking on the opposite side of the road and having the kids cross the street is a safety threat. There should only be 1 lane of traffic.  If everyone follows the same flow of traffic, it will actually expedite the process.  Please do not create a 2nd lane for turning onto campus or dropping kids off. 


We will be positioning staff at the parking lot entrances and exits to help monitor the flow of traffic.  Please keep in mind that they are there to help ensure that every student makes it to school safely. While we realize that it can be frustrating when it feels like traffic is not moving or that you have been waiting for a long time, please remember that safety is ACA's number one concern.  We need your help and patience in guaranteeing that every child makes it to school unharmed. 


Thank you for your understanding.

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